Promoting Creativity And Leadership At The 2014 Garland Book Convention

If you are looking for a safe space where both creativity and leadership meets, then the 2014 garland book convention is the one to go. Attending the event encourages and promotes the development of your preferred area in literacy and arts. It covers reading, writing, fine arts, and even student leadership wherein you can help other people and institutions in need of reading materials.

Mastering Your Creativity


In the age where change is constant, it is essential for people to be their creative self to promote social development and satisfaction.  For the major highlight of the event, we have witnessed how passionate the youth is in building connections between old and new concepts, especially in arts.

Some attendees mastered photography while some uncovered their creative minds through journalism or essay writing. On top of that, attendees also participated in a choir performance which was held in every hour of the event.

Unleashing The Inner Leadership


One thing that is unique about this convention is its promotion of leadership. Attendees, particularly the youth, were able to discover their love of helping especially to those who are in need. Books and other reading materials became a means of extending help to those in need.

As a matter of fact, the books written by Sid and Jean Garland were donated during the event. It primarily covers important topic such as AIDS prevention education and how to take care of those affected which is very relevant to different places like the church nowadays.

As you see, book convention is not just an event for people to gather about a specific cause. It is also a safe place to nurture and extend a helping hand by activating your inner leadership. Promoting this subject matter will lead to a better place for everyone to live in where individuals recognize the relationship of each perception.

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