Book Publishing Process – How It’s Done

Getting a book deal is becoming more and more exhausting and challenging in the publishing industry. That’s because there are tons of writings out there that finds it difficult to keep up with the online ones. In your case, you probably wrote a book that you want your friends and family to get a hold of, and by that, you are aiming to publish it. But the problem is that you realized that you’re a great writer but not a good marketer. That’s okay. You can stay focus on what you do best. You don’t need to worry because this article will provide you possible options. Here is the list of procedure of how to get your book out there in the market. Without further ado, let’s begin.


Go Direct

Going direct is finding all the publishers that accept more writings. From there, you can have an overview of what your book can be all about. Going directly to these publishers will give you an idea of how much time, effort, and energy you will have to spend. Sometimes, publishing companies only have limited dates where they only accept submission on a particular schedule due to flooded writings. But there are also times that they are always open and taking loads of proposals. You can use this information to submit your work. Note that there are not so many publishers who don’t allow any format of writing. However, you must understand that you will go up against everybody else who want to publish their papers as well. It is your bare-basic entry point. With that, you need to create an overview of your book and mail it out to all the potential publishers that you can find.


Use An Agent

Literary agents are essential in dramatically improving your chances of getting a publishing deal. Their job includes looking at your writing application, give you suggestion and feedback on how to remodel or tweak your proposal. The process is new, but it will allow you to trust the people who know more about getting big books outside the market. You can also consider the agents’ advice that can potentially help you in any future writing and publishing endeavor. But it is important to understand that you don’t usually pay these literary agents a fee. That’s because they take a cut on whatever publishing deal they may complete. Therefore, if you consider their services, you need to think about the things you might need to give up. If you are willing to share a percentage of whatever payments you get from your book, then it is fine. If you think that the cuts will become worth it because you won’t have to do all the hard work yourself, then it’s a great option. But if not, then you can check for new possibilities in publishing your writings.

Write A Great Copy

Writing a great book is more important than looking for the best available publishers. That’s because there are so many books submitted every day that are not that engaging and interesting. Some of them are okay, but that’s it. Some are good, but they are not designed to cater to readers’ expectations. So if you are a first-time author and you want to get noticed and stand out from the rest, your copy has to be great. There’s got to be something in there that readers will look at and keep reading. It must contain stuff that allows the audience to become more and more interested every time they turn the pages. If possible, you can try showing it to your family, friends, and even strangers to get their feedback on it. You have to note that your book must be your life’s work. It should be something that you want people to value. It got to reach a level where it serves its purpose in providing entertainment, information, and connection to its readers. Because if it’s nothing like that, you are going up against so many individuals that may have the position you always dreamed of having.


Build A Momentum

The most significant issue in today’s publishing industry is the ability to sell books. It is easy to produce so many writings, so what publishers want to expect from authors is their capability to secure potential audiences. With that, there must be a momentum. Because even if you have a fantastic idea for a book but doesn’t have an audience to sell to once it’s out, it only limits the chances of getting a publishing deal. So what you can do is you start building an audience. There are ways to do that with the help of the growing industry of technology and social media. These will provide you a platform where you can show people what you’re capable of doing and creating.

Publishing a written book is not easy because there are sacrifices and considerations that you have to face. But as long as you are eager to work hard on providing quality, there’s always a chance of obtaining a better writing future.

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