The 2015 Santa Cruz International Conference On E-Learning And Innovative Pedagogies

In the 2015 Santa Cruz International Conference On E-Learning And Innovative Pedagogies, there’s an exploration of possibilities for all education. The research network and technological innovation come together to provide audience advance learning. Attendees on the conference are leaders in respective fields and scholars. These individuals aim to represent a broad range of perspective and discipline that correlates with technological advancement.


The E-Learning And Innovative Pedagogies

The conference supports a presentation that allows attendees to share their work. There’s also a discussion on the vital issues concerning skill enhancement and development. And since the primary goal of the conference is to promote the e-learning process, organizing a management tool is essential. But one needs to remember that a lot of people can get involved. With that, it is necessary to identify who are the ones that can contribute a role in the process of e-learning.

The conference also discusses the importance of creating content ideas with the use of videos, images, and texts. It allows the keeping of records that support a more straightforward and more available management e-learning plan. The speakers in the conference motivate attendees in tailoring their needs regarding technological teaching. They believe that there are lots of ways to use motivation in sustaining project objectives and course descriptions. The conference shows that having a goal for online training courses is good. However, there has to be a specification on what module to develop to maximize potential learning. It should be on track, non-selective, and structural.


The event becomes one of the most sought after e-learning conference due to its wide variety of lessons. There’s also a combination of traditional and technological approach, as well as face-to-face interaction with the audience. So if it’s something that you wished to witness, make sure not to miss the next conference.