Ebook Writing Blunders That You Should Avoid


Once your marketing plan has kick-started, it’s time to write. But before anything, you better read and keep in mind these ebook writing blunders that you should avoid.


Delivering Content That Is Vague And Insufficient

There are a lot of writers competing against you – directly or indirectly – so writing insufficiently just wouldn’t work for you. What does insufficient mean here? Unclear content looks unoriginal and doesn’t give justice to the title of the ebook.


Great ebook content perks the interest of the readers right from the first few pages, encouraging them to share what they’re reading with others. When they share it, that’s when your ebook is generating success and becomes a lead magnet.


Giving Too Much Of It

Of course, this is the total opposite of the first problem, when the writer wants to answer all his readers’ questions in one ebook. Please don’t do it. Take the questions one ebook at a time, so you’re leaving your readers waiting for your continuation. They’ll want more because they’re realized that you answered one of their many questions descriptively and comprehensively.


Getting Ahead With The Introduction

Contrary to what most novice writers, it is not correct to write the introduction early in the process. You may think that because it’s the intro, you should write it first, but no, that’s not the way to do it. Why? It’s because the introduction must encapsulate or entices the reading audience on what’s in it for them when they read the book. And it would be difficult to look for the most exciting or climax of the book if you aren’t done writing it yet.


Not Knowing What Your Topic Is All About

You’ve found the niche that you want to write about – good. But what if you don’t have any idea what it’s about? Solution? Please don’t write about it! If you are interested in something but don’t have the expertise to write about it, then it’ll show, and the audience will sense it in the words that you choose to use – even in the tone of the content. It’ll only damage the reputation that you’re trying to build – and you haven’t built it up yet.


When you choose a niche, pick something that you have extensive knowledge of. If you like to write about a topic that you don’t know anything about, you might as well hire a ghostwriter. That way, you have higher chances of getting a good lead magnet. Then you can write your second ebook yourself.


Editing While Writing

This is a tempting thing to do as you are writing, but it is such a blunder in that it delays the writing process, and worse, it might even be the reason for not being able to finish the ebook. So the rule is: editing should not be done in conjunction with writing.


Assuming That One Draft Is Sufficient

You don’t have to worry if you’ve written your second or third draft. Even seasoned writers do a couple of drafts before they are finally satisfied with the content of their books. Despite having a strong outline, you will still feel the need to make some changes to make some lines clearer and the content even more meaningful and enticing. It would be wise to have your draft approved by your editors in the middle of the writing process.


Forgetting To Back It Up

This is one of the most crucial things you need to remember when writing your ebook. There is nothing more devastating than forgetting to make a backup of your draft and your final version in your drive. The regret about losing your project just because you have not saved it will be forever.




When you’ve taken these blunders by heart, you’re ready to write your first ebook. Good luck!



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