Marketing Guidelines For A Successful Ebook Launching


In the conventional publishing world, the publishers don’t advertise or promote a large portion of the books that they make available in the market. That is an old secret that only seasoned and renowned authors have realized. However, if you’re an ebook publisher, you will appreciate having this same hold over your marketing plan and strategy. You have a lot of choices, and you wouldn’t have any problems looking for ways to introduce your titles out into the virtual and real world. You’ll be able to catch the attention of your reading audience in no time.

Most experts suggest using a multichannel strategy, which is marketing from various angles. One of the most powerful is social media, of course. Take advantage of your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook page to get the ebook launch out and reach as many people as you can. When it’s published, share it on Facebook, along with the link to your webpage and some details on how to purchase. But this is not enough, though. You have to create a sensation around your ebook, something that would encourage your friends and their friends about it and will be excited to spread the news. Maybe post a small part of the blurb on your page or do a contest and give rewards or prizes. Be creative with your marketing.

Another tool for promoting your ebook is on your blog site and on forums that are associated with the topic of your ebook. Get into the conversations and inform the people about it. Also, don’t underestimate the power of your email list. It can reach hundreds, even thousands.

Finally, giving the first chapter of your ebook for free is a great promotion and it wouldn’t hurt your sales at all. In fact, this will get your readers bent on wanting more of it, which is why they will purchase the rest of the ebook. You just need to be proactive about your marketing plan and consistently create buzz for your book. And don’t forget the power of Amazon. If you’re selling there, you can pay for ads directly on the site to advertise your ebooks to a highly specific reading audience.

Ebook Dos And Don’ts

Before anything, do keep in mind that you won’t make money with ebooks overnight. You can’t just get them out there and expect to make a profit. It’s quite a hard endeavor, but if you are aware of some dos and don’ts, you might have an easier time promoting your book successfully and generating sales.

Don’t Stress Over It Too Much. Yes, you’re writing an ebook and launching it soon, but you don’t have to stress too much about it. If you have a structured plan ready and working, you can have it done and get it out on a sale. Just make sure that you outline, including a date for when you’re going to start writing and your list of marketing strategies and the dates of when you need to do them. It would also help to have a goal on the publication date. See to it that you spend some time each day for doing the tasks on your plan. Don’t work on it when you’re just ‘feeling the vibe.’ Follow your schedule.

Do Pick A Topic That You Have Knowledge On. You want to show the audience that you are confident and passionate about your ebook, which is why you have to write something that you know about, or else you won’t be believable. Don’t choose a best-selling topic, but you have no idea what it’s about because it won’t matter anyway.

Don’t Forget To Proofread – Always. Editing and proofreading are among the most sensitive and time-consuming tasks in the whole writing process. You are encouraged to be meticulous in your grammar, spelling, and sentence construction. It is wise to hire a professional editor that could go over your ebook just before you publish it. It would be devastating to release a book containing errors – even just one or two matters. When a reader sees mistakes in spelling and grammar, their confidence in you wanes, and they won’t be giving you good reviews, that’s for sure.

Do Make Your Best Layout And Cover Page. Don’t show your readers and the world that you’re a novice. Instead, make it look like you’re a pro by hiring a graphic designer who has created webpages of some popular companies. You can ask their opinion on a great-looking cover in a way that you wouldn’t have to pay a lot. Let him know that you appreciate his expert advice that you will owe him, especially if the ebook launching becomes a success.



The guidelines are just reminders so that you can avoid blunders that most starter writers commit when they get too excited and impulsive. Just take it slowly but surely. It’s a cliché, but it works almost always!





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