Options On Where To Sell Your Ebook Business


If you’re an ebook publisher, there are several choices available for where you can sell your ebooks. One is through your webpage by selling directly online. It can be in the form of a PFD. The important thing is not to forget to place a shopping cart button or a Paypal link for the readers to easily purchase when they feel like they want to read your ebook right away (perhaps they were enticed by the synopsis that you wrote!). So instead of just visiting, they ordered, and they get a link that you can press to download the ebook – you are all set! You only need to ensure that your site is running regularly and efficiently.

This is beneficial for you because you are in control of the process, and you get all the details on the customers. You can charge these buyers for a little more; you will soon realize that directly selling on an online website gives you the chance to make a markup of about twice the original price.

Selling On Amazon

One of the most convenient ways to sell your ebook is through Amazon. Perhaps you have tried ordering books and other products from Amazon, but it’s different in some ways it is different. With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, your reach is so much further compared to other ways of expanding your potential readers. There are nearly 90 million active American Readers – that is how large your potential audience is because that is how many Americans visit sites like Amazon. Evidence revealed that about 40% of daily ebook purchases on the site are from self-published titles.

You may not be generating more income when you market on your website, but on the upside, you have a greater opportunity to reach a reading audience that you wouldn’t otherwise have contact with. Additionally, the process of marketing on Kindle is simple and concise. You need to register and then upload your works. Kindle is responsible for converting them to their corresponding propriety structure. With that, you are ready to market and grow your ebook writing business through Amazon.

Doing Both Options

First, release your ebooks on Amazon, thinking of it as simply a source of traffic and online publicity, so that people can find you. You generate income and make profits from the ebook. Once you have established a profile on Amazon, use this to bring readers back to your webpage and include them in your email list.

Also, a very effective way to entice people to visit your webpage is through free bonus offers. You can place them inside your ebook while it’s sold on Amazon, and then once they purchase, they can claim their offer on your webpage and give out their email addresses. Once they’re there on the list, you can do all the followups and additional marketing from your webpage and at a higher price. You’re using both options maximally!


If you’re about to sell or launch your ebook, read these options once or twice, and maybe learn a thing or two before going through the sale. You’ll find that these are words of wisdom that will help you succeed and get that sale!




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