How To Write Your First Book

When I organized the 2018 Book Author Conference with my fellow writers, I was extremely excited. For one, I met authors from different parts of the state—some of which I genuinely idolized. I also invited a few well-known publishers and rising novelists to become guest speakers, and they responded positively.


What I did not expect at all was the number of non-writers who came to the conference. I guess it was wrong to call them as such because they were aspiring to become one. They went to the event, hoping that they could come across a successful author who could mentor them.

Assuming you also want to become an author, but you don’t know how to write your first book, here is a simple guideline to remember.

Think Of Your Genre
Genre is the first thing that you should decide on before anything else. Ask yourself, “In what topic do I want to be known for?” There is no right or wrong answer here; you can choose romance, thriller, science, self-help, etc. You can even write a memoir if you want. It is not advisable to keep on putting it off because the genre shows you where to start.

Create An Outline
An outline consists of ideas that should be found in the chapters, arranged chronologically. Feel free to write down subtopics underneath each chapter so that you won’t forget anything. You can see it as a very rough draft of the book in your mind.


Polish Your Drafts
I am yet to meet an author who can go from writing their first draft to publishing. Most—if not all—writers need to go through several drafts before they can feel that the book is already done. My advice is to keep on polishing your drafts before showing it to other people. If it feels right to you, then it must be good.

Final Thoughts
I should probably remind you never to write for your agent, publisher, or anyone else. A book becomes a success when the author cares for it 100%. In case you do it more for the money than for your passion, there’s a high chance that your efforts may go down the drain.

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