Benefits Of Reading Books According To A Counselor

People have been writing books for centuries, so we can never entirely get rid of it even if technology has taken over almost everything nowadays. And as you continue to read this, there are thousands of people who are writing one now. So you can expect books to be written and exist for another long time to come. But setting aside the parts where we talk about the history of books, the question here is, “when was the last time you read one?”

If you are going, to be honest, I bet you would say that it has been a while since you last finished or started reading a book. That is okay; you don’t need to feel ashamed about it. We know that reading is a priceless activity, and not all of us are capable of spending a lot of our time sitting in the corner of our room and read.

Unfortunately, we know that the habit of reading books has been on a decline. We know that most of us do not have time to read due to our busy schedules. Unfortunately, not all of us understand that reading is a workout for the brain. It is just as important as physical exercise. So allow this article to enumerate some of the benefits of reading.


Provides Knowledge – Knowledge is the most obvious and significant thing about reading since the list of things we want to know to grow more every day. It helps us transmit information and helps us develop our intellect faster. So every time we read, it fills our mind with new bits of useful information in our everyday lives. The knowledge we get from reading enables us to better equip ourselves with proper decision-making and analytical thinking useful to tackle life challenges, from finishing up a project to navigating into a difficult relationship.

Strengthens Analytical And Critical Skills – One great thing about reading is its contribution to our analytical and critical skills. Reading can make us think through something by analyzing all the gathered information that we try to put together. That explains why sometimes we can immediately tell the end of the story even if we are still halfway through. The enhanced abilities come in handy in real life as it serves as a training ground for our mental alertness to solve problems.

Helps With Career Advancement – The more we read, the more articulate we become. The newly discovered words will eventually make their way to our daily vocabulary, which can somehow improve confidence. This particular development provides us with additional self-enhanced communication skills that can advance our career levels. And as we become well-read and well-spoken individuals that know a wide variety of topics, it makes us even closer to our career success.


Enhances Writing Skills – In addition to vocabulary expansions, exposure to well-written books contributes a lot to our own writing skills. The more we read other people’s writing, the more we get to understand different perspectives. Reading allows us to improve our expertise as we reflect on some of the easiest complicated writing styles. Aside from that, reading enables us to study grammar in context and helps us get inspired with new creative ideas.

Improves Memory – Reading books provide the opportunity for brain growth. It stimulates the brain and supports its function to its full potential. And when it reaches that potential, it enables a better brain memory boost. That explains why when we often read, we become more familiar with the assortment of words, characters, compositions, background, images, subplots, and various arcs of the content that we read. Reading creates a new pathway for the brain that helps prevents brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Reduces Stress And Anxiety – With all the stressful life circumstances that we experienced almost every day, there is not much relaxation nowadays. Things are so overwhelming that we somehow can’t find the right reason to stay happy. But with reading, there is a safe, healthy, and productive coping strategy that helps replace negative thoughts and feelings. It secures a safe place for the mind to rest. Reading is proven to be effective at preventing mental exhaustion as it works faster and better than other relaxation methods.

Boost Motivation And Inspiration – Reading some inspiring and motivational books can contribute to the betterment of our mental and emotional growth and development. It provides us an endless amount of different perspectives that we can apply in life. It allows us to have an initial stepping stone to have the best ideas for success. Though we might struggle in finding answers to our problems, reading gives us an edge to understand the things we need to do. It offers us stories that inspire us to work hard and give our best.


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